How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying A Sex Doll

Only a decade ago, it was rather difficult to purchase sex dolls, due to the social taboo associated with such hyper-realistic pleasure toys. This changed drastically in the last years as more and more people in society come to accept the evident and even therapeutic benefits of sex dolls – causing the market to skyrocket.

However, unfortunately this came hand in hand with a plethora of scammers cropping up, pretending to be genuine doll sellers with the sole criminal purpose to exploit the sexual needs of unsuspecting victims. Especially since the sex doll market transitioned to a primarily online affair with minimal human interaction, and by default falls within a scam-prone industry (adult), the risks are even greater.

Mostly, said scammers host fake websites copying the images and texts of real online stores, luring customers to make payments through sketchy payment methods and, once they captured a victim’s payment, never to be heard of again. They simply take your money and remain untraceable after.

Another fraudulent tactic is where sellers offer you high-quality brand sex dolls, only to send you cheap knock-offs. Because with the rapidly increasing demand, there also came a number of copy-cat sex dolls manufacturers that produce inferior dolls which break easily and can even represent a health hazard to its owners. We have even heard of incidents where, like some sort of mean joke, blow-up dolls arrived instead of high-quality WM (brand) dolls customers had ordered through a fake platform.

Luckily, there are various telltale signs you can spot to make sure you don’t fall into a scam trap. Below, we have listed the key aspects to watch out for in assessing whether a seller is legitimate or a fraud.

Do Your Research

Just like with any high-cost purchase, it makes sense to do your due diligence. Not only does it help to clarify what properties, measurements and characteristics your doll should have according to your desires – for example, do you want a more expensive, ultra-realistic silicone doll or a softer, more ‘bouncy’ Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) doll? – knowing the products and the market will also help you separate sketchy stores from genuine authorized dealers.

Scammers will list erroneous or very vague product details, not detailing the brand or listing improbable measurements, as they don’t necessarily know the precise metrics or want to withhold that information in case the doll is not what you expected or is entirely different from what the images promised. A proper seller should list as many details as possible, and be able to competently answer any question you have regarding the product in a timely manner.

Secondly, once you researched the products and different brands, features, sizes etc. you’ll get a feel for what a doll should cost according to its specifications, which brings us to the next telltale sign.

Quality Doesn't Come Cheap

Many manufacturers impose a so-called Minimum Pricing Policy (MAP), which functions as an inhibitor of cut-throat price wars between resellers to ensure they don’t manufacture at a loss. This means, that when you stumble on a store that offers a doll for a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. You’ll either get a cheap knock-off product that will break after a few sessions or no doll at all. So if a store claims to be an officially authorized dealer of certain brand, you should expect a certain price level. Quality doesn’t come cheap.

Especially on platforms such AliExpress you should proceed with caution, as they are full of foreign sellers luring online visitors with attractive prices, who are then impossible to legally pursue upon fraud.

How Does The Store Present Itself?

Poor grammar, spelling mistakes, flashy banners, lots of annoying pop-ups: all big red flags indicating you are most likely on the website of conmen. A professional, genuine seller maintains a certain standard of how they present themselves, including easily navigable menus, official badges, SSL Secured encryption and not too many flashy offers popping up everywhere. Most likely they’ll have a doll care guide and a tracking page, as after-sale service is just as important to them as providing you with a high-quality doll.



They’ll have clear FAQ, Shipping & Returns and Terms of Service pages, because they are real legalentities which not onlywant to outline you the processes and conditions, but are actually legally requiredto list these details on their website for the protection of consumers. When stores don’t make these important sources of information easily available, make the policies vague, or simply don’t mention anything, it’s a clear indicator that there is no legally accountable entity behind the store. Avoid buying from such websites at all costs.

Can You Reach Them, Are They Available?

Scammers obviously want minimal communication with prospective victims, primarily because they are unqualified to answer questions surrounding the product or have a heavy foreign accent (or cannot even speak English), and want to avoid getting caught out. Therefore, it is common that scammers only offer a contact form as a form to reach them, with no phone number listed anywhere, nor an address on the Terms of Service page.

Even if they offer more contact options, you shouldn’t hesitate to verify the availability by sending an email, starting a chat or calling to clarify all your doubts. The speed at which you receive and tone displayed in a reply typically conveys whether there’s professional team behind the store or a fake poser.


Probably the area where you want to be most careful are payments, as this is ultimately where you’ll submit your sensitive financial details. When buying online, you want to make sure the method of payment is through a trusted and established payment provider. Why? Because paying through the likes of PayPal or Klarna ensures you can get your money back at the slightest hint of a scam. 


In A Nutshell

When purchasing a sex doll, make sure to do you research and know what to expect from a sex doll, and also gain a basic understanding of how much a high-quality should cost. Look for a professional website that clearly shows its terms and gives you a clear picture of the whole process, from purchase to delivery, in addition to offering multiple ways to reach them. Don’t hesitate to actually contact them and judge whether they display a sufficiently high degree of competence. Last but certainly not least, ensure the method of payment is trustworthy.

Buying a sex doll can be daunting and scary; especially if it’s the first time. That shouldn’t mean you should abstain from fulfilling the dream of endless, on-demand sexual gratification. If you know the risks and how to circumvent them, there is no problem as there are a various serious sellers out there – including us, here at Dolls of Venus. So happily submit your question over chat, our contact form or give us a call if there is anything we can help you with.


Jared Belmonde - Chief Executive Officer